125% Guarantee


We're so confident that you'll love Sky and Sol that we offer a 180-day, 125% satisfaction guarantee. If you do not like the product, we will give you 125% of your money BACK in CASH!* 

What qualifies?
Any reason within those 180-days qualifies.

2. Slightly used product. Any product that is more than 10% used once inspected will not qualify. This is to prevent abuse.

3. Valid for one order only for the lifetime of the customer. All other orders will follow our 100% guarantee, instead.

1. Contact customer support

2. We will initiate your free return label.

3. Once we receive the product, we will refund you + send an additional 25% of the value of unit of the qualifying order via Paypal or Amazon Gift Card.


*Please note that the 25% will be calculated based on 1 unit in the order. If you order 10 sunscreens, we'll give an additional 25% for 1 out of the 10, NOT 10/10. This is to prevent the abuse of the guarantee. Unlike the government, we cannot print money.