9 Reasons Why Sunwise Is Threatening The Entire Sunscreen Industry. And Keeps Selling Out.

We’ve all been there. Squinting at the list of impossible-to-pronounce chemicals on the back of a sunscreen bottle, and wondering: 

What am I putting on my skin? Could I be poisoning myself?

There’s got to be a better way to enjoy the outdoors without compromising your health. That’s where Sunwise comes in.

Sunwise by THRYVE isn’t your typical sunscreen. It’s a new way of thinking about sun protection – a product that respects both your skin and the planet. 

Imagine a sun care solution so natural and safe, you could theoretically eat it! That's what makes Sunwise different.

Here’s why Sunwise is the sunscreen revolution you’ve been waiting for.

#1:  Chemical Sunscreens Are Harming Your Health

Over 80% of sunscreens on the market are chemical sunscreens. You are using a chemical sunscreen if it contains the following common ingredients: Avobenzone, Octocrylene, Oxybenzone, Octisalate, or Homosalate.

Several studies raise serious concerns on the impact these can have on your health:

  • Hormonal Disruptions: The FDA has found that these chemicals are absorbed into the skin and disrupt normal hormonal functions.

  • Environmental Impact: These chemicals are known to be toxic to coral reefs. Their use contributes to the bleaching and death of these vital marine ecosystems.

  • Possible Skin Aging: Can increase the production of free radicals when exposed to sunlight, potentially accelerating the aging process.

Sunwise uses none of these harmful ingredients. Instead, we use a completely non-toxic formula crafted with tallow and naturally-occurring minerals like zinc oxide. These ingredients are so safe that you could theoretically eat it (although it wouldn't taste too good)!

#2: Say Yes to Tallow, Say No to Toxic Chemicals

Let's introduce tallow, our secret weapon and your skin's new best friend. Brimming with skin-loving vitamins A, D, E, and K, it's the game-changing ingredient that leaves your sunscreens in the dust. 

Unlike the synthetic and harmful ingredients commonly found in competitor products, tallow mimics your skin's natural oils, resulting in superior absorption and compatibility with your skin. 

With Sunwise, your skin gets a nourishing treat, not a chemical attack!

  • Tallow keep your skin moisturized, smooth, and healthy

  • Rated 0/5 on the comedogenic scale, so won't lead to clogged pores or breakouts

  • Anti-inflammatory fatty acids in tallow are perfect for sensitive skin and may help to soothe conditions such as eczema or psoriasis

#3: Beware Seed Oils – The Hidden Enemy in Natural Sunscreens

You may decide to opt for a healthier choice by choosing natural sunscreens. But even natural sunscreens use dangerous seed oils. When oils such as soybean, sunflower, or safflower oils are exposed to light and heat, they break down and generate damaging free radicals that lead to:

  • Inflammation
  • Acne and rashes
  • Skin Aging

Sunwise has consciously chosen to go a different route. Tallow aligns perfectly with the oils our skin naturally produces. Its high stability under sunlight means no unpleasant surprises—just continuous, nourishing protection.

#4: Actually Reef-Safe and Planet-Friendly

Conventional sunscreens flood our oceans with toxic chemicals, deteriorating coral reefs and threatening aquatic life.

How is Sunwise different? We use non-nano zinc oxide, a mineral-based sunscreen that provides strong SPF 30 protection. 

Non-nano zinc oxide is one of the only two ingredients that the FDA recommends for sunscreen usage due to its safety for humans and the environment. 

When you swim in the ocean wearing Sunwise, you leave only ripples, not a toxic trail.

#5: Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Unlike chemical sunscreens, our mineral sunscreen doesn't penetrate the skin. This eliminates the risk of irritation or uncomfortable stinging sensations. 

Our formula avoids any harsh or potentially harmful chemicals, sticking instead to ingredients from nature. Our sunscreen does more than just protect; it helps to enhance your skin's well-being, making you feel comfortable and at ease under the sun.

By opting for natural, skin-friendly ingredients, Sunwise offers gentle, yet effective, protection.

  • No stinging or redness

  • No skin reactions or rashes

  • Hypoallergenic and safe

#6: Broad Spectrum Protection That Rubs in Clear

Our formulation is designed to ensure a comfortable, non-greasy application experience.

Sunwise rubs in clear, leaving no white cast or residue. It's as if your skin instantly drinks it up, leaving behind a barely-there feeling!

#7: Safe for Your Little Sun-lovers

Children's skin is delicate and needs sun protection that is both effective and gentle. 

Sunwise's mild formula ensures it's suitable even for children's skin. It provides reliable protection without causing any discomfort or skin reactions, offering parents peace of mind.

By creating a sunscreen that's gentle and effective, we are helping to nurture the next generation's skin health.

#8: A Refreshing, Natural Scent

Sunwise uses filtered, purified tallow to remove lingering scents. The final product has a subtle, natural scent that is described as a light, clean fragrance that subtly captures the essence of summer. 

The natural, refreshing scent doesn't interfere with your regular fragrances.

#9: Transparent Ingredients and Environmentally Conscious

At Sunwise, we’re all about transparency. Our ingredient list is clear, open, and honest - what you see is what you get. 

And what you're getting is a selection of the finest, most effective natural ingredients, with no hidden nasties.

Choosing Sunwise means you’re choosing sun protection that’s skin-friendly, reef-safe, and free of harmful chemicals. 

It’s time to revolutionize the way you think about sunscreen. Make the Sunwise choice today, and enjoy the outdoors the way nature intended!

Since you've journeyed until #9, you're undoubtedly ready to embrace the best of sun care, for you and our Earth...