Internet Viral Sky and Sol Sunscreen: Edible-Grade Skincare that Actually Works!

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Sky and Sol Sunscreen ONLY uses Edible-Grade Ingredients! Experience Dewy, Flawless Protection with No White Cast!

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Acne flare-ups



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Sky and Sol Sunscreen: Say Hello To Our Clean Ingredient List


Tallow, Zinc Oxide, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Propolis, Beeswax.

Designed with the utmost care for you and our planet. Dive into the Sky and Sol experience and let your skin relish the sun, safely and naturally.

Discover Clean Sunscreen

Ancestral Skincare: The Natural Cure, Not Just Profit-Fixing Treatment

We harness nature's ancient remedies for truly effective, sustainable skincare rooted in ancestral wisdom. Unlike traditional products, our all-natural formulations address root causes, nourishing skin from the inside out. Our products are the cure, not just treatment, restoring skin's natural balance without dependency.

Discover Clean Sunscreen

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Sky and Sol Sunscreen SPF 50

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Sky and Sol Sunscreen SPF 30

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Sky and Sol Daily Moisturizer

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We’re strict about what goes into our products

Animal-Based Healing Skincare


Better Than Traditional Versions

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The #1 Animal-Based Skincare Brand

Sky and Sol SPF 50

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Sky and Sol SPF 50 Sunscreen

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I can’t believe how much I love this stuff! I’ve tried so many mineral SPF’s and this one is truly one of the best out there. For reference I’ve been using LePrunier and it is so pricey. This one actually sits better under my makeup. Not greasy, no scent!

- Elvie B

I’m always looking for a gentle sunscreen, but many mineral ones are so chalky and streaky (which is saying a lot since I’m already white as a ghost!). This beef tallow zinc oxide sunscreen melts into my skin without stinging or looking weird or being greasy. No smell either!

- Rae Kraft

The tallow in it sounded interesting, too. Sure enough, this sunscreen goes on smoothly, sinks in, more like a moisturizer. No breakouts!

- Gail Williams



Message from founder

My life changed when I discovered the healing powers of animal-based nutrition.

After trying the carnivore diet, I lost 40 pounds and had a spark of inspiration: animal-based nutrition could translate to animal-based skincare.

I realized that most skincare products were toxic and filled with highly processed seed oils.

I was frustrated that I was stuck using plant-based, ineffective, and potentially harmful sunscreens.

This experience drove me to create accessible, irritant-free, high-performance, and SAFE sunscreen products designed for all skin types (especially sensitive ones!) using the magical properties of tallow.

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